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S T O R I E S   D O N ' T   S T O P   A T   T H E   B O R D E R
Because politics, trade, science and criminal networks don't, either.

"In-depth journalism is widely recognised as a very effective tool in safeguarding a well-informed and viable society. When research subjects cross borders, journalism needs to do so too. takes up the role of promoter of this type of journalism within Europe in an unprecedented way, it being the only fund facilitating cross-border research and storytelling. Donors are increasingly interested in providing actual working grants, but the necessary backbone to provide these grants may come up short in funds. Therefore, the lean and mean organisation of needs your support!"

Margo Smit

Director of the Dutch-Flemish association of investigative journalists VVOJ and member of ICIJ

Choose your amount

You help us do our day-to-day tasks.
One donation would allow us to, for example, process one to four applications.
You help us do more distinctive tasks. One donation would allow us to, for example, prepare a specific fundraising meeting with a possible donor.
Have a business and want to help?
One business donation would support our day-to-day work for several days/weeks/months.

Political decisions are made across borders. Business and trade take place increasingly transnationally. Criminal networks operate in various countries. So journalists have to follow suit. firmly believes in cross-border collaborations between journalists as the way to best tell the big transnational stories of the 21st century. We stimulate cross-border collaboration by giving journalists the money they need to do their research, by providing networking opportunities, by sharing knowledge and spreading tips.

Help us support cross-border investigative journalism. Help journalists reach further. Because stories don't stop at the border.

Want to support us by bank transfer? You can! Here are our details:

IBAN: BE17 7330 5268 9521

Please mention your name and e-mail address.

Of course we also gladly accept donations from business donors and companies, but only provided that this money comes with no strings attached. Independence is a priority in everything we do. Business donors will therefore be asked to issue a statement of one or two sentences beginning with, “We support because…” These statements will be included on our funding page for reasons of transparency. No other return will be given.


Donate €150 or more and get a beautiful photo of one of the professional photographers we’ve supported through the years.


  • Who are you guys? vzw is an independent non‐profit organisation established with the purpose of promoting quality cross-border and in-depth journalism in Europe. We were founded in 1998 in Flanders, Belgium, and are currently run by five people: Ides Debruyne (managing director), Brigitte Alfter (director Europe), Linda Berckmans (finance manager), Trine Smistrup (project manager) and Lisa May (communication). Read all about our staff and board structure here.

  • What exactly do you do?

    We support quality, in-depth journalism in Europe. We have several ways of doing that, the principal one being the working grants we award to (teams of) journalists to do thorough research and work on a good story. Through our working grant programme we have supported talented journalists in publishing hugely important stories. You can find the projects we’ve supported here (cross-border programme) and here (Flemish Pascal Decroos Fund programme).

    In addition to awarding working grants, we provide networking opportunities for the community, e.g. via our annual investigative and data journalism conference Dataharvest in Brussels. We also share knowledge, information and tips across the journalism community via our communication platforms, organise debates, and run a post-graduate course in International Research Journalism in Mechelen, Belgium.

  • Why do you need this extra money all of a sudden?

    Our organisation has grown in reputation and size since we were founded in 1999. By way of illustration: the number of applications we receive has increased through the years from 47 in 2000, our first full year of operations, over 125 in 2009, the year we started our cross-border grant programme, to 151 in 2013. Consequently, the amount of time needed to process and handle all these applications has increased, too. Our operating budget has only grown marginally, so that now our operating costs are starting to exceed our operating budget.

  • Don’t you have other means of income?

    We have of course fundraised heavily over the years and will keep doing so. We get money from Adessium Foundation, Open Society Foundations and the Flemish government (for our Flemish Pascal Decroos Fund grant programme). We've even managed to set up some investigations with money from Oxfam Novib and Citi Bank. The vast majority of that money is allocated to the research grants we give, not to operating costs. So it doesn’t solve the problem of our rising operating costs.

  • Why do you want money from the crowd?

    We have already been receiving some annual donations from private persons in Flanders who sympathise with the work we do through our Pascal Decroos Fund grant programme. This has been important for us since the beginning, not just to involve our sympathisers more closely with what we do, but also to further diversify our income flow. We try to find money from all the different players in society: foundations, governments, private persons, and maybe in the future companies, too. We believe that this makes us less reliable on a single income source and thus allows us to operate more independently.

    Unfortunately, the donations from our Flemish backers – which we highly appreciate and will continue to need in the future – are no longer enough to cover our increased operating costs. That’s why we also address the European crowd.